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There are many different cases when people do not have actual opportunity to write an essay on their own. The reasons for this case can be a simple lack of time, the lack of necessary knowledge, etc. In such situations, our there are many essay writing services or onlione essay writers that can provide expert help for an adequate fee. An essay is a special genre, involving specific (although not always strictly specified) rules of exposition of a certain text. This small volume product necessarily includes the elements of reasoning in an explicit or implicit form. An essay is, to a certain extent, a philosophical quintessence of views within a specific subject with abstract conclusions expressed figuratively. As for the structure (literary composition), the rules of the genre give almost complete freedom in writing. This is not like writing a research paper or a laboratory work. This particular genre has become popular in last years. This kind of educational activity is used in schools and universities relatively recently, so not everyone and not always has enough necessary experience for the qualitative performance of such writing assignment. To write an essay, a person must have a set of skills and knowledge. This is, of course, the possession of a good syllable, the vastness of the lexicon, the ability to feel a given style. Next, a person needs to use an abstract logic that supports complex relationships in developing of thoughts for the implementation of the verified structure of the essay. It is impossible to do without an analytical apparatus, without which abstract constructions are impossible. A certain level of orientation in the necessary subject is required, as well as a high general cultural level. Finally, figurative thinking is highly desirable to have, since the manner of developing the thoughts in an essay is usually quite metaphorical. Based on this, writing an essay may be considered as a very effective option for testing knowledge and skills, and sometimes an indicator of certain abilities. Such a work is quite capacious, in a concentrated form, it characterizes its author. There are many different essay writing services that have highly qualified specialists with extensive experience who are engaged in writing an essay. There are many specialized authors who are able to take into account specific nuances regarding many topics. Those essay writing servies guarantee high-quality performance of work of any kind.