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An essay is a type of literary creation, which belongs to the genre of criticism and journalism, which is a prose etude, written in a relaxed manner. This is a small written work based on reasoning or considerations on some reasons or on any subjects. Writing an essay is included in the educational program of secondary and higher educational institutions, which contributes to the development of creative potential among students and schoolchildren.
Not everyone can deal with writing an essay, but everyone should try themselves in this kind of creativity. For many people, it is an opportunity to realize oneself, to show one’s abilities and talent for composing. For others this is the real torment of creativity. However, in any case, writing an essay contributes to the development of such skills as:
– the ability to consistently express own thoughts;
– forms the imagination and develops fantasy;
– contributes to the creative development of personality.
These skills will be useful not only for those who works in the humanities, but also for students of technical universities, since a writing a researchpaper is made in the form of an essay. A scientific essay on many criteria differs from a literary one. The main difference consists in the structure and content of the test. The basic rules in the design of the essay:
– the amount of text from one to two pages;
– a brief and concise developing of the material.
The use of special terminology is a key characteristic of a scientific essay. Quotations in an essay are drawn up in accordance with the rules of grammar and punctuation and are accompanied by references to the author and literary source. The wring citation of a quote will be considered as a plagiarism.
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